Celtic have joined the Twitter community with a view to participating further in the online conversation which already exists through many supporters’ groups and forums.
The intention is to complement not only that space but also to add to the offerings of the Club’s official websites – Celticfc.net and Celticfc.TV – and its official Facebook page.

It will be a chance for the Celtic supporters to have another direct route to the club, to offer suggestions and to make enquiries.

Below is our Twitter FAQs section – please read this.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a way to communicate and converse in 140 characters or less. It’s free to use. You should choose a username (no more than 15 characters) and open a free account if you want to use the service fully. However, you can also just monitor what people are saying on Twitter without an account. Further details from www.Twitter.com

Where do I find the main Celtic one?

Twitter for Celtic is found here

What feeds are there?

There are nine principal feeds – a main feed and one for each of the three bigger departments.

The main feed is @CelticFC and the department feeds are @CelticFCTickets@CFCCommercial, @CelticFCShop, @CelticFCPools, @1254125, @CelticFCWomen, @CelticFCCoach and @CelticFCSLO

What will the feeds do?

The main feed - @CelticFC – will bring you all the latest general club news and views, teamlines as they are announced, a minute-by-minute text commentary of first team matches and will link to interesting pieces and news on the official website, the official Facebook page, other club Twitter feeds and external sites when there is something of note to share. We will also try and answer any general questions which you may have, which are not covered by the other club feeds.

The official page will be run by the Club’s Media team and will also bring you pictures, videos and competitions as well as asking for your opinion on various matters related to Celtic.

Use @CelticFCShop for all Retail enquiries – both Online and in-store – and watch it for all retail news and developments. This feed will also tweet about opening times, product launches and will deal with all retail-related enquiries.

The @CelticFCTickets feed will update on ticketing news, opening times and general ticket information and enquiries.  But please also check celticfc.net/tickets for all ticketing news.

@CFCCommercial will look at advertising, marketing, corporate hospitality, sponsorship and all other commercial aspects of the business.

@CelticFCSLO will be the twitter feed of John Paul Taylor, Supporter Liaison and Service Officer. John Paul aims to provide updates for our supporters on match information, kick off times, travel and security. He will also be working with all recognised supporters groups to take any issues forward in a positive manner and continue to enhance the good name of Celtic and our supporters.

If I ask a question will I get an answer, and if so when?

The plan is to try and respond within office hours and matchdays when a response is merited or possible. By that we mean that if it is possible to answer you publically we will try and do that. However, there will be some questions which we cannot make comment on or respond to.

However, our senior managers are monitoring all Social Media channels and we are acting all the time upon issues raised on such websites. 

Are there other ways of contacting these departments?

Yes – the best place to start is the official Celtic site – www.Celticfc.net - where you will find a lot of information and links. This is often information and links which are commonly requested.

In addition to that you can contact these departments by email to ask a question privately or just to get some assistance.

In our responses we may ask you to email us using one of these addresses.

The email addresses are CelticFCTickets@celticfc.co.uk CFCCommercial@celticfc.co.uk and CelticFCShop@celticfc.co.uk

And, for note, you can contact the media team via TwitterMedia@CelticFC.com

Are there any other feeds which can be interacted with?

Yes – Tony Hamilton has a feed which can help with the charitable arm of the Club - Celtic FC Foundation Tony's feed is @PolishTurnstile and you can also follow @1254125

What about the players’ feeds, other members of the football department and other members of staff at Celtic?

Those feeds are below. However, Celtic FC does not accept responsibility for any of the content or opinions.

Neil Lennon


Stephen Woods


Darnell Fisher


Fraser Forster


Kris Commons


Joe Ledley


Anthony Stokes


Robbie Thompson


Victor Wanyama


Adam Matthews


Tony Watt


Gary Hooper


Charlie Mulgrew


Dylan McGeouch




Jack Kirwan


Joe Chalmers


Lewis Toshney


Callum McGregor


Laura Brannan


Mark Henderson


Paul Cuddihy


Robin Buchanan


Will you follow me back?

No, not automatically and we will not initially follow everyone who follows us. The thinking behind this is that we will follow a small group of individuals and organisations, which may be of interest to you. However, we will continue to review this policy and if there is need for change then we will do that.

Will you ‘Re-Tweet’ (or RT) me and what is re-tweeting?

Re-Tweeting or RT is when someone says something to their followers and then one or more of those followers send it on to their own followers.
Occasionally we will RT someone if their tweet is of significant importance. However, the initial policy is not to RT people randomly or for no real reason.

Are there more Qs and As that should be here?

If so please contact webhelp@celticfc.com

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